The export of PET bottle scrap and flakes has increased from 12,000 tonnes in FY16-17 to 48,000 tonnes in FY17-18 growing at 290%. Thailand has already export 25,000 MT in the first three months of FY 18-19.

Government and industry estimates suggest that Thailand Export about 13 million tonnes of plastic and recycles only about 4 million tonnes.

A lack of an efficient waste segregation system and inadequate collection is the root cause, according to experts, for much of the plastic not making its way to recycling centers.



You may have heard from your local recycling center that PET Bottle Scrap prices are rising. Well, what’s going on? Are the PET Bottle Scrap prices in Thailand are rising? Are recycling centers making more money off the bottles? What’s the story here?

Well, I’m going to tell you! Or at least give you some insight into how this works and what’s happening with PET Bottle Scrap prices in Thailand today. It’s always worth your time to check current rates before selling your PET Bottles to ensure you get the best price possible.